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Petition to AUPSC Requesting immediate publication of AUCISS Report
SSLS | Jan 28, 2014


Peace and Justice: A newsletter by the South Sudan Law Society December 2014
SSLS | Dec 1, 2014


Statement on NSS Bill November 2014
SSLS | Nov 8, 2014


Peace and Justice: A newsletter by the South Sudan Law Society November 2014
SSLS | Nov 1, 2014


Memory, Healing and Transformation in South Sudan
SSLS | July 22, 2014


CPJ Letter To IGAD
SSLS | June 10, 2014


Proposal for a Hybrid Court in South Sudan
SSLS | May 30, 2014


South Sudan delegation to US – Media coverage
SSLS | May 30, 2014


Final Letter on Ratification of African Charter
SSLS | April 15, 2014


265: Resolution on the human rights situation in the Republic of South Sudan
SSLS | April 15, 2014


Initial Recommendations on the Implementation of the Mandate of the Commission of Inquiry
SSLS | March 31, 2014


Open Letter to the Members of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR)
SSLS | March 06, 2014


Pro Bono Service In South Sudan
SSLS | February 27, 2014


NGO Joint Written Statement on South Sudan
SSLS | February 22, 2014


Independent Investigation Must Start Now
SSLS | February 22, 2014


A Call for the Direct Participation of Civil Society in South Sudan’s Peace Talks
SSLS | February 17, 2014


Civil Society Statement On The Establishment Of A Commission Of Inquiry Into Atrocities Committed During The Conflict In South Sudan
SSLS | January 25, 2014


Statement On The Crisis In South Sudan
SSLS | January 15, 2014


An Integrated Response to Justice and Reconciliation in South Sudan
SSLS | January 8, 2014


Amid a Shroud of Secrecy, the Government of South Sudan Quietly Executes Four People
SSLS | November 25, 2013


‘Guilty Until Proven Innocent’: Pretrial Detention in South Sudan
SSLS | September 1, 2013


The VHO Bill: A Looming Threat for South Sudanese Civil Society?
SSLS | September 1, 2013


Increasing Conflict Over Internal Boundaries in South Sudan
SSLS | September 1, 2013


Murder Rates at Wartime Levels in Jonglei State
SSLS | September 1, 2013


South Sudanese Lawyers Call for the Respect of the Rule of Law and Human Rights
SSLS | June 7, 2013


Improved Accountability is the Only Path to Sustainable Peace
SSLS | June 6, 2013


South Sudanese Civil Society Calls for One-Year Extension of National Constitution Review Commission
SSLS February 23, 2013


Access to Justice for All
SSLS | February 17, 2013


Wau Dialogue W. Bahr el-Ghazal State 13-15 May 2013
SSLS | April 13, 2013


Campaign to Abolish the Death Penalty Goes Global
SSLS | November 5, 2012


Potential Paths Towards Ending Capital Punishment in South Sudan
Elizabeth Ashamu and David Deng | September 14, 2012


South Sudan Law Society launches a new handbook on community engagement for land deals in South Sudan
SSLS | April 28, 2012


Open Letter from to South Sudanese Civil Society Organizations to President Salva Kiir Mayardiit Regarding the Government of South Sudan’s Invitation to President Omar al-Bashir to Attend the April 2012 Presidential Summit in Juba
March 29, 2012